SPX Flow Dollinger

SPX Flow Dollinger

Air Intake Filters

Contaminants at the intake of compressors, blowers and turbines dramatically affect the cost of supplying compressed air.

Inefficient intake filtration permits contaminants to corrode, erode and foul internals, effecting a reduction in performance and component service life. Contamination increases repair, maintenance and downtime of rotating equipment. Contaminants not effectively removed by the air intake filter will also migrate downstream in compressed air piping, to system controls, instrumentation, tools and other production processes.

Manufacturing facilities worldwide are experiencing escalating maintenance costs, increasing at an average rate of 10% to 17% annually. These increases are in addition to the related costs associated with downtime, rejects and rework of production process.

For "world class" competitiveness, today’s industrial strategies must include management of the high cost of process intake contamination

Designed to efficiently and economically remove dust, dirt and other airborne contaminants from the atmosphere with either single or two stage panel element arrangements.

Dollinger have thousands of Air Intake Filter Installations around the world protecting diesel and gas engines, blowers, axial compressors and small turbines, while reducing inlet noise at the same time.

Using our significant experience, engineering and design resources, Dollinger are able to manufacture Air Intake Filters to suit your specific needs, be they small or large.